Sat, 20-02

Forms of research

11 – 13 h

Zentrum für Zeitgenössischen Tanz

facilitated by Mariella Greil with international guests
Meeting of the Ausbildungskonferenz Tanz
for teachers


in English


Artistic research generates knowledge, in what form and how it scrutinizes its epistemology will be questioned and discussed. There are dynamic movements of thinking-in-the-act, that form concrete choreographic positings and follow the gravity of relations and the creative forces of research-creation.
The attempt is to appraoch artistic research with an audio drama with visual elements and introduce the current research project „Choreo-graphic Figures. Deviations from the Line“ committed to the experiment with modalities of noting (down). The choreo(-)graphic is explored in its articulation, meaning and resonance.
We are delighted that Yve Laris Cohen will present his current research and open up the field for collegial exchange about research activities.

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