Workshop 4

Russell Maliphant

Resonance of the body image – Embodiment
A thematic bundle around ideas of collaboration and conversation, body image and contact improvisation

Russell Maliphants work is characterised by a unique approach to the relationship between movement, light and music. Russell Maliphant trained at The Royal Ballet School and graduated into Sadler‘s Wells Royal Ballet before leaving to pursue a career in independent dance. He studied anatomy, physiology and biomechanics, and qualified as a practitioner of the Rolf Method of Structural Integration (or Rolfing®). These studies form the basis of both his teaching and choreographic work, along with a diverse range of body practices and techniques including classical ballet, contact improvisation, yoga, capoeira and chi kung. He collaborates closely with lighting designer Michael Hulls, evolving a language where movement and light are so intimately connected that the meeting point becomes a new language in itself.

These workshops will integrate principles and practices from a variety of body orientated techniques including Yoga, Release Technique,  Contact Improvisation and Martial Arts. The workshops will begin with general body practice and develop to explore choreographic qualities and elements of contact in the creation of work.

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