Feedback and Reflection

The Dance Education Biennale is a week-long forum for the dance community, providing a platform for encounters and exchange. The 2016 Biennale in Cologne marks its 5th installation.

During preparations, the Biennale organizers thought intensively about which conditions were best suited for bringing together students, teachers, guests, and the public in a variety of formats. They also took into account the perspectives of the instructors and young performers they invited and how to foster growth and new ideas. As a result of these considerations, they decided to make feedback and reflection the theme of this year’s Biennale.

Feedback and reflection are important tools of dancers and dance pedagogues, who use them in all kinds of ways to explore new possibilities. The 5th Dance Education Biennale asks how these tools can be used to support performance and expand our understanding of cultural communication and expression through dance, and relates them to questions of composition, intentionality and intuition.

The Biennale offers multi-day internal workshops led by international guest artists and concludes with a public symposium in which speakers and lecture performers look more closely at selected themes. The programme provides everyone involved a rich range of experiences and discussions. More detailed information can be found under “Program/Calendar”.

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