A scripted situation

19 – 23 h


Lisa Hinterreithner, Martina Ruhsam

for students and teachers

in Englisch

A scripted situation is a performance without professional actors or dancers, and without spatial separation of spectators and performers. Each is both, spectator and actor. Playing cards invite, to carry out everyday activities in a space. By translating simple, comical or absurd instructions into spatial action, a social choreography is created: a scripted situation.

It is characteristic of social choreography that it integrates the participants physically in an event, so that they represent, as a group, a specific social (dis)order. It is rooted in the awareness that social situations are never natural, but always represent, to some degree, designed or created situations. A scripted situation presents on one hand the construedness of the choreographed social situation, and, on the other hand, also tries to facilitate a non-hierarchical Being-with-others, which is produced by means of the physical action in a space, resulting in fantasy space, in which group figures can be deformed, adjusted and presented.

By using everyday objects, fleeting scenes, groups and pictures appear. Actions and storylines overlap and challenge each other. Are the objects part of a social fabric? To what extent do they define the parameters of a specific social choreography? What happens by chance, and what is staged?  Who follows which instructions? This thing that suddenly gets under way, and that nobody can control, except for the participants, is it every-day life or performance? A fictional situation? Reality?

In the foreground of this performance is the question, how social situations are caused or coproduced by choreographic processes. A scripted situation is trying to combine a maximum of limitation on acting options with a maximum of openness of the situation. What will happen, is decided only in the moment when the participants meet. Everything follows a script, yet, nonetheless, is completely unpredictable.

ScriptedSituation // play // participation // SocialChoreografy // meeting // coincidence

Idea and script: Lisa Hinterreithner and Martina Ruhsam

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