Fri, 19-02

Open Doctoral Colloquium of the ZZT | Part 1

17:30 – 18:30 h

Zentrum für Zeitgenössischen Tanz

facilitated by Yvonne Hardt
for students and teachers


in English


During the course of the Biennale there is the opportunity to get further insight into research at the ZZT. Interested students, lecturers and guests can take part in an open doctoral colloquium. The doctoral dissertations and research work conducted under the aegis of the ZZT focus on, among other things, a praxeological perspective in researching dance. This sees the practice as the starting point and source of theoretical considerations. In the first part of the colloquium, a key text from the file of praxeological research will be discussed, in the second part, a doctoral candidate will present his/her research in a brief lecture. Guests are welcome to look at the reading material in advance (which shall be made available in a seminar file) and may simply listen in or take part in the discussion.

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