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Malou Airaudo

Folkwang Universität der Künste

Malou Airaudo was born in Marseille and started her dance training at the age of eight at the School of the Opera de Marseille.Afterwards she danced in the ensemble of director Joseph Lazzini. She danced for the Ballet Russes de Monte Carlo as well as for the Ballet Théatre Contemporain Amiens. In 1970, she went to New York to dance with Manuel Alum and Paul Sanasardo. In 1973 Pina Bausch offered her a contract to become a member of the newly founded Tanztheater Wuppertal, where she became one of the leading protagonists. Malou Airaudo danced e.g. in the Pina Bausch choreographies “Fritz”, “Iphigenie auf Tauris”, “Orpheus und Eurydike”, “Café Müller”, “Bandoneon” and became internationally known for her interpretation of the solo in Bausch`s “Le sacre du printemps”. In1984 she was appointed Professor for Contemporary Dance at the Folkwang University of the Arts. She also works as a choreographer for companies like Folkwang Tanzstudio, Ballet de Lorraine, Ballet du Grand Théatre de Genéve, Carolyn Carlson at the Centre Choréographique National Roubaix Nord-Pas de Calais or the Renegade Company in Bochum. In the Wintersemester 2012/ 13 she was appointed head of the Institute for Contemporary Dance at the Folkwang University of the Arts.

5th Dance Education Biennale 2016 Cologne

Prof. Vera Sander

Prof. Vera Sander

Ltg. Zentrum für Zeitgenössischen Tanz
Sprechergruppe des AKIT
Künstlerische Leitung der 5. Biennale

Theme: Reflection and Feedback

2016 is announced as the year of dance in Germany – the year in which performers, instructors and enthusiasts can show the importance and potential of their art to a wider audience. This is why I am happy to welcome the 5th Dance Education Biennale in Cologne.

Dance is a fascinating, diverse art form and part of our cultural heritage, besides. Being a dancer means finding a relation to past and present movement in an effort to communicate through the medium of the body. Like other artists, dancers search for new forms of expression as they explore and expand boundaries. Over the 20th century, the question of what dance is brought about a rethinking of the discipline. Today dance comprises a kaleidoscopic landscape of approaches and styles. It requires everyone engaged in dance to face complex challenges as they develop within its plurality.
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Greetings from the Minister of Education and Research

Prof. Dr. Johanna Wanka

Prof. Dr. Johanna Wanka

Bundesministerin für Bildung und
Foto: Bundesregierung / Steffen Kugler

Dance is a universal language that knows no boundaries. As a means for expressing feelings and telling stories, dance is a part of human and cultural history. In the belief that it is society’s duty to foster artistic talent, the German Ministry for Education and Research is a supporter of the Dance Education Biennale, whose 5th iteration will take place from 15 to 22 February 2016 in Cologne.

Active engagement with culture offers an important contribution for personal development. It can foster many – disadvantaged children and youth in particular. This is the starting point for the Ministry’s Kultur macht stark (Culture makes you strong) programme. By studying a musical piece or learning a new choreography, the young learn to persist despite their mistakes; they learn that working together with others carries them further than working alone; they learn that concentration and effort pays off when working toward a goal. Continue reading Greetings from the Minister of Education and Research

Greetings from the President of Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln

Prof. Dr. Heinz Geuen

Prof. Dr. Heinz Geuen

Rektor der Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln

As the president of one of the few internationally renowned educational institutions that bears the word dance in its name, I am delighted that the 5th Dance Education Biennale is taking place in Cologne. This demanding and many-layered event is organized by our Centre for Contemporary Dance, with generous support from the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research, Schauspiel Köln, Oper Köln and the Deutschen Tanzarchiv Köln. I would like to extend a warm thanks to all our supporters and sponsors, in particular the staff at the Centre for Contemporary Dance, for making this Biennale possible.
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Feedback and Reflection

The Dance Education Biennale is a week-long forum for the dance community, providing a platform for encounters and exchange. The 2016 Biennale in Cologne marks its 5th installation.

During preparations, the Biennale organizers thought intensively about which conditions were best suited for bringing together students, teachers, guests, and the public in a variety of formats. They also took into account the perspectives of the instructors and young performers they invited and how to foster growth and new ideas. As a result of these considerations, they decided to make feedback and reflection the theme of this year’s Biennale.
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International Exchange

As with the 4th Biennale, five educational institutions from abroad and ten educational institutions in Germany will take part, enabling exchange between national borders. Reflection about conventions, paradigms and common perceptions offers enormous potential for participants, while international dialogue promotes a more nuanced understanding of technique, approach and performance. Discussions will focus on teacher-student expectations of international projects and the challenges they face when taking part in them. These and other questions shed light on new possibilities for careers in dance.

Dance / Performance

Two evening performances at the Cologne Opera will feature 110 dancers and 14 choreographers who convey the impressive range and talent of recent graduates. The performances are meant to put dance front and centre in society and foster general discussions about dance education.

For young dancers, public performances are important opportunities: they help them develop as professionals and put them in contact with people who can be important for their careers. The Biennale provides these artists an excellent public venue to present their work. What is more, it gives them the chance to broaden their networks and meet people and institutions from the dance world – dance companies, theatres, event organizers, AK|T speakers, other performers, and art historians.


AK|T is a conference that presents important new ideas about dance and education as part of the 5th Dance Education Biennale, a highly visible international festival for discussion, encounter, performance and public debate. The Biennale is a platform for students, artists and teachers, and fosters discussion about the internationalization of dance curricula.

Information on events such as roundtables and workshops can be found at the calendar menu under Program.