Thu, 18-02

Diurnal interchanges

17 – 18 h

Zentrum für Zeitgenössischen Tanz

facilitated by Mariella Greil
for MA students


in English


For MA students of national and international programs in the field of dance, choreography, dance studies, performance studies, dance pedagogy and dance communication daily interchange is provided for the opportunity of sharing in various settings. From a feedback practice group to individual mentoring sessions, methodical blind dates, object tables, open mics and topics such as “Yes, And” rules in collaborative settings, proliferation structures, authorship, enthusiasm & artistic research, and many other themes that are important to us.

Diurnal interchanges form the base for the feedback praxis group of international and national MA students – here a view formats that we will explore together:


Rendering of Projects: This is a frame where singular statements (20 min, open form) contextualising, or in the form of argumentation or experimentation of/with the proposed research project (which the individual MA students bring with them) will be exchanged. Each Statement will be followed by a 10 min Q&A with the group. This will also already indicate the perspective how each will approach their participation at the Biennale, as much as it opens up a first encounter with the group of co-researchers for this week.


Methods-Blind-Dates: Here the MA students work closely with colleagues from other (international) institutions. In this forum we open up an exchange about methods and epistemologies, those probed, invented, envisioned in the near past or future.


Object Tables: This is a score where everyone in the room is implicated. A negotiation via objects related to the current research will be followed by a group conversation.


Open Mics: A topology of „Yes, And“ Rules in collaborative settings, proliferation structures, authorship, enthusiasmus & artistic research will be mapped out and discussed. The MA helmsmans will navigate the whirls and swirls those topics can create in one’s research process.


(…): a conscious gap for burning questions.


Individual Mentoring Sessions: Those offer the opportunity to talk in confidence about those issues around the professional field that might otherwise be hard to address in a group constellation.

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