17  h – open end

Zentrum für Zeitgenössischen Tanz

faciliitated by Sophia Kröckert and Nina Patricia Hänel

for students and teachers

in English

Delving into your thoughts…following new paths of thought…drifting somewhat in your thinking…letting your thoughts run free.

Drift’n’Dialogue invites participants to a dialogue that takes place during a stroll. The practice of walking and thinking occurs simultaneously as a continuum between the interlocutors. Both the route of the walk and the ‘thought path’ are followed, without any objective or fixed outcome. Simply drifting, pulling, being lured or shooed away…intuitively deciding – perhaps without even knowing exactly which of the two dialogue partners will decide, because perhaps a path of thinking /walking emerges only through joint negotiation. This allows new thoughts to forms beyond the main place of action, on detours (also of the intellectual kind).

A somatic tuning-in (around 45 min) in the studio, which takes walking as a pattern of movement by means of motion explorations, introduces the format. Following on from that, participants have the opportunity to take a walk with a dialogue partner along their individual thinking/walking path. The suggested routes through Cologne should be understood as impulse givers, which can initiate the path through or in the city and the “progress” of the discussion, without prescribing it.

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